“Free” Unisex T-shirt

Jun 06

“Free” Unisex T-shirt

Everyone assumes that freedom is an inalienable right. What many do not realize is they are are not truly free. In fact, they live their lives as slaves. Slaves to money, power, relationships, or just getting “stuff.” True freedom can only come through one person: Jesus Christ. Only He is able to set us free to be the person we were meant to be. Only He can make us soar.

Included with each shipped shirt is a printed tag which outlines the idea behind the design, as well as a few thoughts about the intended meaning.


  1. Hey guys! I found it incredibly ironic that a site so similar in name to mine is founded so close to where I live. I’m in Cincy and due to the ironic nature of our names and location, I’d love to do an interview with you guys about what you’re doing. If interested email me back and we can start setting this up. Thanks!

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